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Technology Services offers UIUC AnyWare which providesvirtual access to over 100 software applications for students.UIUC AnyWare is a virtual desktop environment allowing student to access software whether remote, on campus, or in class. Students can access UIUC AnyWare on multiple devices and operating systems including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, iOS, and Android. For more information about UIUC AnyWare, visit

As part of the oyment, were tracking the retirement of the Illinois Compass service, currently set for the end of day on May 31, 2022.

The weekend of February 27-28,a file upload limit of 100MB per file was enabled on the Illinois Compass system.This was done in order to reduce our storage footprint within our managed hosting provider, and reduce overall hosting costs to the University.Further details can be found within this Illinois Knowledge Base document:Illinois Compass2g, File Upload and Storage Limits (, including some tips on changing your work flowto integrate other services to host these larger files.

Having trouble logging in to your university Zoom account? Due to new restrictions by Campus Security and the Office of the Chancellor, ALL University of Illinois Zoom accounts are now required to sign in to Zoom using Shibboleth Single Sign On (SSO).

For information on the requirements and potential error messages, please seeZoom, Sign In Requirements (

For further information regarding logging in with SSO, please seeZoom, Logging In (

Below are some resources to assist instructors and staff during this time of COVID-19awareness and the move to onlineteaching for the Urbana campus:

Illinois Compass 2g is an enterprise learning management system powered by Blackboards Learn platform.

It gives faculty, instructors, students, and others a collaborative online space with tools for:

* Preparing, managing, and delivering course content in a variety of teaching styles

* Assessing students through multiple types of learning activities

* Keeping course material available to students outside the classroom walls.

This custom installation is hosted by Technology Services for use by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Basic documentation and tutorials to get you started using Illinois Compass.

Includes information about how to request your course site and tutorials on how to use Compass more effectively.

For questions or problems concerning Illinois Compass 2g, please contact theTechnology Services Help Deskat (217) 244-7000 or .